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All photographs on display on this site are available for purchase as museum-quality photographic prints.

If you're interested in buying a print, please contact me by e-mail at photos@homeontheweb.org

About The Prints

I see printing as a critical last step of an entire process that starts with the image being visualized in my mind and recorded on film. Therefore, I chose the absolute best traditional printing process available: my photographs are printed as Deluxe Gloss Cibachrome (also known as Ilfochrome Classic Deluxe) prints. These are archival, exhibition-grade, museum-quality, true photographic prints, printed by hand on a traditional color enlarger by a master printer I've been working with for years.

Cibachrome printing is a direct printing method from slide (transparency) to paper that requires no internegative as other alternative printing methods do; therefore, Cibachrome prints have the best possible sharpness and color rendition. Their glossy, almost metallic look enhances the color saturation, and the stability and longevity of Cibachrome prints are legendary. Unlike some other printing methods, Cibachrome prints will last for many, many years in typical exposed situations without fading. For additional technical details on the Cibachrome process and materials, please visit the Ilford website .

The prints are available in both traditional and full-frame sizes. Full-frame sizes maintain the film's 3:2 aspect ratio and, as the name implies, include the whole image as you see displayed on the online portfolios; traditional sizes, on the other hand, involve some cropping of the image to fit traditional paper and frame sizes. I recommend the full-frame sizes as they respect the original composition, by keeping the image proportions and content intact.

In order to make the prints easier to handle and frame, they include a 1/4" black border all around (which can be hidden under the mat once the print is framed). This border can either be made larger or eliminated altogether, depending on your own preferences.

I am confident that you will love to see my photographs as Cibachrome prints. To back that, I offer a full satisfaction guarantee: if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a Cibachrome print you can return it to me within 30 days of purchase, in its original, undamaged condition for a full refund.

Cibachrome Print Prices

Full frame sizes
Standard sizes
n/a 8 x 10 $75
8 x 12 10 x 12 $75
10.5 x 16 12 x 16 $100
13 x 20 16 x 20 $150
16 x 24 n/a $200
20 x 30 n/a $250

The prices above apply to any image on the portfolios. They are for unmounted, unframed Cibachrome prints, and include USPS shipping within the continental US (prints are shipped rolled up in a cardboard tube for best protection).

It usually takes around 3 to 4 weeks for prints to be delivered.

Digital Prints

Due to requests for more affordable prints — which I have to balance with my determination to get the best possible rendition of my images on paper — I have started experimenting with high-end digital printing processes, and have found that very satisfactory results can be obtained from some professional-grade digital printers used by digital imaging laboratories.

Although the resulting prints do not quite match the color saturation or the shiny look of a Cibachrome print, I still feel they provide a reasonably good lower-cost alternative to Cibachrome prints. I have therefore started offering digital prints, which are available for around 70% of the Cibachrome prices listed above, depending on the specific print size.

So, if the Cibachrome prices above do not fit your budget, or if the archival qualities of Cibachrome are not critical to you, please contact me and we will work together to find the perfect fit for your budget.

Other Image Uses

All the above prices and conditions assume the prints will be purchased for personal usage and display (such as at a home or office). If you have other image uses in mind (commercial, advertising, etc) please contact me to discuss your specific needs, as well as prices and conditions.

High-resolution scans of my photographs can also be made available depending on the intended image usage.