As a rule, when we apply for a loan of several thousand zlotys, we will receive it in every bank. However, if we already have other liabilities on our account, our history in BIK is not perfect, we happened to not pay back the loan on time or our financial situation is not very interesting, the bank may not be so willing to give us cash.

It is in this situation, when the bank does not want to grant us a loan for some reason, we are dealing with a difficult loan. However, this is not synonymous with the fact that we will not receive a difficult loan. However, we need to know how to apply for him.

Difficult credit – how to apply for it


Many of us are immediately aware that their situation is so bad that every application for a loan is tantamount to applying for a difficult loan.

However, if we think that our creditworthiness is fine. Then we submit the application ourselves to the bank and, to our surprise, we get a negative decision. In this case, we are also dealing with difficult credit, as difficulties arose with obtaining it.

Questions about difficult credit is not just how to apply for it


You also need to know what to avoid in this case. One refusal to grant a loan from the bank does not prevent our chances. It can be said that it is information for us that we are applying for a difficult loan.

At this point, you should not mindlessly send another loan application to other banks, hoping that somewhere we may be able to get the money we need. It should be remembered that three refusals from a bank may determine that for a long time we will not receive credit from any bank. So how do you apply for a difficult loan.

Professional credit advisor

Professional credit advisor

When dealing with difficult credit, the best solution is to use the help of a professional credit advisor who specializes in obtaining difficult loans for his clients. In addition to the necessary knowledge and experience, such a person has the opportunity to negotiate with a decision-maker in the bank. Thanks to this, we have a much better chance of receiving a difficult loan.

So when you are dealing with difficult credit and you are wondering how to apply for it, you must remember not to do it on your own, but to find a professional company that will help you get a difficult loan.

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