This concept refers to a situation in which obtaining money from a bank is associated with considerable difficulties.

credit does not mean more complicated formalities, but rather difficulties in obtaining it. It’s important to verify your situation well. When we want to take a difficult loan, it is worth seeking help from specialists.

On what basis does the bank grant the loan


The bank decides whether or not to grant a loan based on a number of information. Some of them are obtained from other institutions, others from ourselves. One of such institutions is the Credit Information Bureau. From it, the bank derives information whether we pay our liabilities and whether we do it on time. Our credit history is visible there. When deciding to borrow money, remember about the obligation to pay your debts on time.

This may decide to grant us another loan. A number of information fills our loan application. On its basis, our financial situation is examined. We provide, among others what income source we have, how much we earn, based on what type of contract we are employed, the amount of our previous obligations, the amount of our debt, the amount that we spend monthly on maintenance, the amount of possible installments for maintenance, how many people are dependent on us, etc.

Especially with low amounts and with cash loans with a minimum of formalities, the bank takes for real information given in the application. Due to the lack of time, it is not possible to verify the information contained in it, even if the rent for the apartment is paid in the amount specified, whether we actually spend so much on utility costs, etc. By submitting the application, we certify that the information provided is true. Each loan agreement is equipped with an appropriate clause.

When the bank doesn’t give us a loan

When the bank doesn

If the bank finds that our credit history is unfavorable and we have no creditworthiness. Our financial situation is also not very interesting.

When we go to a bank branch alone, we submit an application and we receive a refusal. The worst thing you can do now is to submit another application to another bank. You’re just dealing with a difficult loan that you can’t deal with without the help of specialists.

Each subsequent loan application removes you from obtaining a loan

Each subsequent loan application removes you from obtaining a loan

Do not act rashly and report to the intermediary company on obtaining difficult loans . Specialists negotiate the terms of the loan with a decision maker in the bank, after prior detailed verification of your debt and creditworthiness. Nothing happens by accident.

Everything is perfectly planned and the loan at your fingertips. Do not risk failure and report to the agent in obtaining difficult loans .

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