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About Me

I'm 35. I'm a software engineer. I've been involved in photography since I was a kid, having had a series of cameras over the years. However, it was only recently that my casual interest matured into a serious passion. Since 1997 I've been working towards extending my photographic abilities and perfecting my vision, by reading a diverse collection of authors, by studying the work of several photographers in many different areas, and by spending a lot of time in the field, observing the light and experimenting with what works and what does not. Given my love for traveling, for the outdoors and, specifically, for nature, it was a natural evolution for me to start specializing in nature and landscape photography. A small portfolio of architectural, urban images is also online, but the bulk of my work — and my true passion — is nature photography.

To capture the essence of a place, of its light and of all the feelings that it elicits, into a single moment on film — and, at the same time, to make it graphically pleasing and innovative — is, to me, the great challenge of nature photography.

Therefore, the photographs on display here try to speak of places that many would pass by without noticing, try to whisper in your ear the crushing sound of absolute silence one can only feel in the most remote places, try to relax you with the quieting murmur of a creek at sunset, try to trick your mind with the microscopic details of natural elements, try to make you smile with the improbable pose of an animal, try to convey all the powerful emotions that only nature's magical light displays can arouse. If, while browsing through my photographs, you can at least start to feel the majesty and grandeur of some of these places, then my work has succeeded and I'll feel accomplished as a photographer and lover of nature.

You can contact me by email at photos@homeontheweb.org  

About The Photographs

I use Nikon equipment, including F90x and FM2 bodies, and an assortment of lenses, from 18 to 300mm. Almost all of my photographs are made with slow Fuji slide film, mainly Velvia and Provia F, and are carefully exposed with the support of a sturdy Manfrotto tripod.

The images on display were scanned on a Nikon Coolscan IV film scanner, scaled down to dimensions appropriate to the web and compressed as high-quality JPEGs. Minimal image manipulation (color and/or contrast correction, sharpening) was performed, but only to bring the digital scan as close as possible to the original transparencies. Most images are displayed full-frame, although a few were cropped slightly.

To enjoy the photographs in their full quality, please set your display settings to 24- or 32-bit "Full Color", at a resolution of at least 800 by 600 pixels. Also, monitor contrast and brightness should be adjusted so that you can clearly see 13 different shades of gray (from pure white to pure black) in the calibration image below:



Here you can find a small collection of selected links to interesting photography related websites, and link exchanges with photography indexes and directories.  


All photographs and texts are the exclusive intellectual property of Nuno Santos, and may not be used or reproduced in any way without the author's previous written consent. Online display of these images does not put them into the Public Domain, and Nuno Santos retains all rights to their usage.